southpaw is a volunteer-run cafe and community space built by, and for, the new river valley in southwest virginia

all proceeds made at our cafe are directly invested back into the community, funding mutual aid programs, community projects, and more.

how do i get involved?

there are so many different ways to support this mission as well as collaborate in this community space! for more information, check out our "how to get involved" page. if you are interested in volunteering, submit your email at the "volunteer email" submission box at the bottom of the page.

what community projects are involved?

currently, the proceeds of the cafe go towards the operation of our mutual aid project and the operation of the space! funds go towards our community fridge and pantry. for more information, check out our community fridge page.

community fridge page

what is a sliding scale?

our cafe operates as a sliding scale! this means that people have the option to pay what they can for each item -- this helps us provide items at a lower cost so that more people may access them! if you have stable income, considerable savings, and/or minimal economic stress, we suggest you choose tier 2 or tier 3 prices!

is your food local?

we buy local for our items whenever we can! you can always count on two constants for our food; local, fresh bagels from hello bagel and locally roasted, transparently sourced coffee beans from strange coffee! both right here in the new river valley region.

for community members, by community members

currently we are fully volunteer-run -- we operate almost entirely on grassroots donations, especially from our monthly supporters.

want to support us on the regular?
a series of plants hanging above a plant box in front of the windows of southpaw. the windows have some writing on them and drawings. it looks bright but overcast outside